The Right Customer Understandings
Accelerates Your Business Growth

From customer attraction, web campaigns, LTV improvement to data utilization.
KARTE converts 1st party
customer data into value at all customer touchpoints.

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What’s KARTE

Contribute to CX Improvement
based on Customer Data

KARTE offers products that are essential to
customer-centric activities, supporting
the full use of customer data
for marketing on/off the web and in apps.

How to start KARTE

KARTE Packages

We offer a variety of packages to meet your company's goals and challenges.

You can start with a single package or combine multiple packages for cross-sectional use.

  • Web Campaigns

    KARTE Web

    Achieve business growth by delivering appropriate web campaign based on customer understanding

    See details
  • App Marketing

    KARTE App

    One-stop service from analysis to delivering campaigns to improve mobile app engagement

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  • MA (Marketing Automation)

    KARTE Message

    Achieves 1-to-1 communication tailored to the customer's scene, including e-mail, LINE, push notifications, etc.

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  • Site Operation and Improvement

    KARTE Blocks

    Easy and intuitive site improvement for anyone through LPO and A/B testing

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  • Ad Delivery Optimization

    KARTE Signals

    Visualize the ROI of advertising and optimize ad delivery with first party data

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  • Customer Support

    RightSupport by KARTE

    Web support starts "before" customer inquiries. Leading you to correctly solve the issues by yourselves.

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Key Features of KARTE

We offer a wide variety of functions to fulfill the " wishes" of our customers and those who are involved in the business.
Check some of our main functions, UI, operation images, and use cases.

User Analysis
Site / Campaign Analysis
Session Replay
Web Campaigns
FAQ /Survey
Web Chat
Email / LINE / App Push
Customer Journey Design
Data Linkage / CDP
BI / Dashboard
CAPI / Ad Delivery Optimization
Site Improvement / LPO

Chosen by Many Customers

  • CX Platform Market Share
    No.1 for 4 consecutive years
  • ITreview Grid Award 2023 Spring
    Winner of 12 categories "Leader"
  • ITreview 2022 Fall
    Category Report DMP / Recommendation Engine Category
    Ease of Use No.1
  • *1 ITR Market View: Email / Web Marketing Market 2023, 2022
  • *2 Web Campaign Division, DMP (Data Management Platform) Division, CDP (Customer Data Platform) Division, Web Chat Department, Application Analysis Department, Cart Abandonment Countermeasure Department, Recommendation Engine Division, Push Notification Division, Access Analysis and Attribution Department, AB Test Tools Division, MA (Marketing Automation) Division, and Onboarding & Digital Adoption

Onboarding Support

KARTE not only provides tools, but also long-term support with our customer success team,
from implementation, to daily operation, solving your challenges.

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  • Introduction Support/
    Onboarding Program

    We offer a program to quickly achieve the results from implementing KARTE on your company's website to its utilization.

  • Customer Success

    A dedicated customer success team is available to provide chat support and individual consultations regarding any questions, including the usage during your daily operations.

  • Operational Support/

    For customers who want to make more advanced use of collaboration inside and outside KARTE, we provide paid professional services and introduce certified partners.