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Refine the Customer Experience and
Go Beyond Automation

Through "labor-saving, visualization, and automation" of personalized delivery, we provide a new MA that connects customer experiences in and outside the site.

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Enables Multi-Channel Personalization
Effectively and Efficiently

  • Email/LINE/Push Notifications

    Consolidated management of
    messages including email, LINE, etc.

    Send emails, LINE, and push notifications at the timing according to the customer you want to convey. You can set up communication outside the site and verify the effectiveness without any effort.

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  • Scenario

    Branching Scenarios
    based on User Behavior

    Design, verify, and improve communications tailored to scenes and scenarios by capturing user behavior in a coherent pattern. As scenarios become more accurate, the results are also maximized.

  • Distribution List Management / Campaign Management

    Simple steps to set up delivery

    No need to worry if you don't write SQL, you can create and manage lists intuitively with a GUI. Create campaigns by combining whom, what, and when. You can also set up multiple lists in combination.

    Related Features
  • Data Linkage

    Flexibly connect a wide variety of data

    Customer information accumulated in internal databases and external services can be aggregated and utilized for data-driven campaigns. You can also automatically return data from campaigns to various databases.


Main Features

Multichannel Delivery

Supports multi-channel delivery including email, LINE, SMS, and app push

List Management

Easily create filters based on user behavior and attributes without the need for SQL

Campaign Management

Easy to use editor to edit HTML emails and easily combine lists.

Scenario Branching

Emails and push notifications can be sent out based on user behavior

Step Delivery

Based on the response to the e-mail, a step delivery can be performed, such as sending a reminder e-mail after X days.

Variable Embedding

Easily embed data required for personalized delivery, such as user's name and purchased products


Reports that show results, such as openings and clicks, as well as purchased products

Data Linkage

A wide variety of connectors are available for linking with internal mission-critical systems and various external services/products.


Flexible data generation even for complex conditions using queries, depending on the level of campaigns


Automatically updates data at specified times. No manual linkage required.

Covering Popular Campaigns



The implementation can be completed in a minimum of one month, and you're all set to delivering campaigns.

Initial Settings
Campaign Design
Data Linkage

Onboarding Support

KARTE not only provides tools, but also long-term support with our customer success team,
from implementation, to daily operation, solving your challenges.

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  • Introduction Support/
    Onboarding Program

    We offer a program to quickly achieve the results from implementing KARTE on your company's website to its utilization.

  • Customer Success

    A dedicated customer success team is available to provide chat support and individual consultations regarding any questions, including the usage during your daily operations.

  • Operational Support/

    For customers who want to make more advanced use of collaboration inside and outside KARTE, we provide paid professional services and introduce certified partners.