Batch Analysis

KARTE has a large-scale data processing platform to enhance "universal utilization of large-scale data" and "flexible connectivity with external data".

With this infrastructure, KARTE's real-time data analysis can be used outside of KARTE, and external large-scale data can be imported into KARTE for further utilization.


Features 01

High-speed Processing of Large Data

High-speed analysis processing enables not only data analysis and visualization, but also more detailed experiences for actions on the site such as web campaigns and all customer contact points outside the site.

Features 02

Flexible External Linkage

Customer data that exists in internal mission-critical systems and various external services/products will be connected to each other based on the customer axis, promoting further utilization of data.

Features 03

Process Automation

KARTE's JobFlow allows scheduling of complex processes.
By using Job Flow, you can automate your manual work.




Schema-less × Scalable Databases

Data acquired by KARTE and data from other applications can be aggregated in one place, regardless of the key or size of the data.

Events and segments collected and analyzed by the real-time analysis infrastructure, as well as campaigns and registered account data, are stored as data on KARTE, and can be handled flexibly.