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A one-stop platform for utilizing first-party data
that dramatically improves advertising effectiveness.

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Suitable for a variety of mediaallowing many companies to actually feel its effectiveness

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  • SmartHRロゴ
  • エンジャパンロゴ
  • dot stロゴ
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Did you know
that third party cookie regulations are exacerbating
the effects of advertising?

Loss of Conversions
Due to cookie regulations, media tracking is also affected, which causes the loss of conversion tracking.
Low Targeting Accuracy
Targeting using cookies is similarly affected. The number of people on the targeting list will decrease, which may reduce the effectiveness of the advertisement.
Bid Strategy Not Optimized
There has been a loss of conversion, which affects the targeting, causing the decrease in accuracy of machine learning for bidding.

KARTE Signals can Improve the Effectiveness of Advertising by
Using First-party Data

  • Loss of Conversionsには

    Supplement Conversions Against All Platforms,
    All at Once

    Due to Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP), third-party cookie measurement is entirely blocked, which is causing loss of conversions and affecting ad performance. KARTE Signals utilizes each ad platform’s conversions API in order to supplement lost data and improve your ad performance.

  • Low Accuracy in Targetingには

    Highly accurate targeting
    utilizing data

    You can enrich your audience targeting by utilizing first-party data such as customer behavioral data and in-house CRM data. For existing customers, based on behavioral data you can find out and target by specific interests and promote multiple item sales. For new customer acquisitions, you can exclude existing customers and enrich audience expansion based on various datasets such as “loyal customer” lists.

  • Bid Strategy Not Optimizedには

    Improving Accuracy with VBB

    Customers with low CPA and low LTV, or high CPA and high LTV. Which sounds more attractive as a target for your marketing campaign?
    Rather than focusing on short-term conversions such as a specific page view or item purchase, KARTE Signals optimizes your ad based on deep funnel conversions such as repeat business and LTV.


Not sure with the results of continuous purchase or LTV?

Visualize Results that Contributes to Your Business

By connecting, visualizing, and improving data from advertising to business results,
you can maximize ROI based on the high performance points of business contribution.

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KARTE has a well-developed structure for storing first-party data,
allowing CRM data to be linked and customer data to be utilized for advertising.

Used by
various companies

KARTE Signals can improve advertising effectiveness
for companies across industries.

  • Major Real Estate

    The integration of conversions API was taking months to complete - once we implemented KARTE Signals,it was done in a matter of 1 month.

    Media CV
    Media CPA
    Media CVR
  • Educational Services

    Automatically collecting and sending data to raise match rates with KARTE Signals has resulted in a 12% increase in CVR across media

    Media CPA
    Last Click CVR
    Last Click CPA
  • EC

    By linking customer data from our database and sending it with KARTE Signals, we enhanced conversions and improved CPA by 25%.

    Media CPA

Successful Use Cases

Use case for KARTE Signals

  • SmartHR x KARTE Signals 導入事例のサムネイル
    SmartHR ロゴ

    The list in the MA tool is automatically linked to advertising media to reduce man-hours and improve the acquisition of prospective customers with high affinity.

    Case Studies
  • オープンハウス x KARTE Signals 導入事例のサムネイル
    オープンハウス ロゴ

    How did Open House work with PLAID to improve advertising effectiveness through the use of first-party data?

    Case Studies

Experts in each field
is here to support you

Our professional customer success team with a wide range of industry knowledge are here to provide
total support from implementation to everyday operations.

  • 北村 祐亮の写真
    Technical support for data utilization
    Yusuke Kitamura/ Customer Engineer

    Joined Works Applications Co., Ltd., which handles ERP packages for enterprise companies and was engaged in functional design for non-consolidated and consolidated financial statements, implementation, maintenance, customer negotiations for new implementations, and management of development team members. Joins PLAID in 2022 and is involved in technical support, development and quality assurance of "KARTE Signals".

  • 田島 久美子の写真
    Dashboard utilization support
    Kumiko Tajima/ Customer Success

    Joined VOYAGE GROUP (currently CARTA HOLDINGS, INC.) as a new graduate, and was in charge of advertising sales, customer attraction, and analysis of media and own EC sites. Then at every, Inc., as a PdM for recipe video media, she was in charge of functional development, CRM campaigns utilizing KARTE, and customer attraction. In 2023, she joins PLAID, working as a customer success for "KARTE Signals", supporting the implementation of the service.

  • 武石 啓二朗の写真
    Ad Improvement Utilizing Data
    Keijiro Takeishi/ Customer Success

    Experienced consulting and DSP advertising product manager at CyberAgent Inc. After that, he joins Recruit Co., Ltd. and was engaged in marketing learning services for ToC. After working as a team manager for mass and digital, he launches a CRM team. Utilizing his knowledge of analytics, customer attraction, CRM, etc., he is currently in charge of business promotion and customer success at PLAID.


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