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Understanding User Behavior
for Better and Effective
Web Campaigns

In order to improve conversion and increase revenue from web campaigns, it is essential to understand user behavior and to repeat improvements continuously.

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Without KARTE

Having trouble
"getting good results"
with your website campaigns?

Not sure what kind of campaigns
to deliver in the first place

Not sure how to
improve campaigns

Difficult to
continuously make improvements


"What you can do"
with KARTE web campaigns

Access to a wide variety of scenarios and templates that lead to results

More than 300 templates of highly successful campaign scenarios from wide range of industries are available for instant use. Anyone can easily deliver web campaigns without engineers.

Watch user behavior and find tips for improvement

You can immediately check the effectiveness of the delivered campaign in the report. Instead of judging by CTR and CVR alone, we can find hints for improvement by checking what groups of users are effective/ineffective and looking at their before-and-after behavior.

Fast PDCA cycle by utilizing the analysis results directly in campaign delivery

Since KARTE web has both analysis and implementation functions in a single tool, the PDCA cycle of problem identification -> implementation -> review -> improvement can be performed seamlessly and quickly.

Instantly Reflects
Proven Industry Scenarios
on Your Site with No-code

We have many scenarios that have been effective not only for e-commerce sites, but also for HR, real estate, finance, apps, and many other industries.

To match with any site, you can customize font size, background color and display position with no-code.

  • Report

    Analyze the effectiveness of campaigns by looking at reports and find tips for improvement by looking at user behavior.

    The effects of delivered campaigns can be reviewed in a report, allowing you to immediately judge whether the measures were effective or not. Furthermore, you can dig deeper into the characteristics of users who did not respond well and trace n1 user behavior, allowing you to find hints for improving campaigns.

  • Analysis and Campaign Delivery

    Seamless operation from analysis to campaign delivery.
    Simple PDCA cycle, which you can continue

    Improving the site experience starts with finding issues. KARTE provides both analysis and campaign delivery in a single tool, enabling a seamless and fast PDCA cycle of issue discovery -> campaign delivery -> review -> improvement.


Main Features

Real-time Analysis

Instantly reflect the user's current behavior and status in your campaign

User Analysis

Visualize each user for deeper insights.

Campaign Analysis

Reviewing the effects of campaigns/Analyzing effects from multiple perspectives


We offer numerous scenarios and design templates by industry


Collect user feedback and evaluations.
One-stop analysis of survey results.


Flexibly edit creatives with no-code

Scenario Branching

Emails and push notifications can be sent out based on user behavior

A/B Testing

Easily verify the effectiveness of multiple ideas

Session Replay

Replay video of user's actual behavior

Data Linkage

Easy connection to various databases

Are you actually "serving" your customers on web?

Watch KARTE web campaigns

Deliver web campaigns on web/app that allow customers to be greeted and served, just as they would in a physical store.



The implementation can be completed in a minimum of one month, and you're all set to delivering campaigns.

Initial Settings
Start Measurement
Campaign Design and Settings

Onboarding Support

KARTE not only provides tools, but also long-term support with our customer success team,
from implementation, to daily operation, solving your challenges.

See details
  • Introduction Support/
    Onboarding Program

    We offer a program to quickly achieve the results from implementing KARTE on your company's website to its utilization.

  • Customer Success

    A dedicated customer success team is available to provide chat support and individual consultations regarding any questions, including the usage during your daily operations.

  • Operational Support/

    For customers who want to make more advanced use of collaboration inside and outside KARTE, we provide paid professional services and introduce certified partners.