Real-time User Analysis

Real-time User Analysis


Features 01

Analyze in Real-time and
Delivers Campaign

Enables analysis of user behavior data on websites/applications and data sent from other applications,
and makes decisions on campaigns based on its results in 0.x seconds.

Features 02

No Data Restrictions

No restrictions on the schema of the data to be analyzed,
allowing the use of a wide variety of data,
including behavioral data, attribute data, purchase data, and many more.

Features 03

Integrate All Data into the User Axis

Easy-to-handle data that is formatted/integrated along the user axis
to ensure the right user experience at the customer touchpoint and
across departments within the company






Schema-less and highly flexible user information acquisition

Each user behavior can be viewed in detail on a session-by-session basis. For example, you can track which pages the user viewed and for how long, what kind of campaigns they received, and what they bought in chronological order.

This allows you to predict the user behavior and give you hints to improve their experience.


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